Shooting before the break

I managed to get a couple of shoots in before the festive break and all the proceedings associated with getting ready for it. Two concepts in my mind, was to create a series of shapes with light & shadow and the second, was to capture an inked model. I used really simple lighting sources, nothing expensive at all and I may well share what in a later posting. For now, here’s just the efforts of the sessions.

Above, an overhead light gives the right fall-off on the backdrop to bring vision focus on the figure.

Below, an inked model that has such a drawing stare that pulls you in. Fantastic model, more from this later I think.


More from Panavision

I thought I would share just one more image from Panavision Studio visit with you. This has come about because a shoot I had booked sort-of got cancelled. I ended up working an images that I particularly liked from the shoot today. I hope you like it too.

Wet Plate Photography

I met Dave Shrimpton during my visit to Panavision Studio last weekend, a personable chap who shoots large format predominately.

So, imagine there we were a group of 8 shooters all with various dslr cameras and Dave with his nineteen (what) camera. Actually watching him operate was a real pleasure, taking light measurements and working out exposure times before releasing the shutter.

Looking at his website I’ve got a little interested on the idea of exposing on glass and things, I wonder when his next workshop is set for. Anyway here’s his website details, straight to the wet-plate stuff – Link

Shoot 1711-11 Panavision Shoot

So at the weekend I had the chance to shoot two beautiful models at the Panavision studio and camera centre in London. Having real old period film cameras of yesteryear in the backdrop the models posed for images. Here’s just a couple quickly processed and presented.

Zebra head – Shoot 1710-07

I said I’d put up something of what I was doing at the moment.

I was going for quirky with this one. I do have a selection but the position of the head on this, together with the shapes that run down the image, seems to give an appeal to myself.

I’m back…

…okay, so it has been so long since I made an entry in here and it’s not like I have not been popping in here from time to time to read what I used to regularly get up to. I suppose life changes and this was part of that time.

Recently, I’ve concentrated on portraits and the creation of quirky images. The latter being things of the mind I needed to realise. I have enjoyed the creation process, using several programs and a host of filters (in software) to get the look that I wanted. I’ll make a posting of that soon, once I make the image sfw.

Good to be back again, I’ll attempt at making this a routine too.

April Shoot 1504-11

Update: Just thought I’d add here another one of many favourites from the event. Most of the images being placed on my gallery at link.

Two great models were main subjects for this shooting event. The idea to capture some indoor dance movement,  indoor pinup and outdoor fashion images. 

More than anything it was a great time had by all for the event.

Too Long

It has been some time since I updated this blog. Facebook webpage did not do it for me, somI should think again on returning to good old WordPress.