Ansel Adams – Exhibition UK

Ansel Adams – collection of 100 of his best work are being exhibited, till April 2013
If you are in the UK or visiting and have a passion for landscape photography, you could make time to go to this exhibition. I’ve been this past weekend 08.12.12 and it was most inspirational. Check out the links below for details and more information.


In Conversation

This image was one that I saw between a couple of friends that were on a narrow boat, just as we emerged from a tunnel. I did have this image printed and mounted in square format too for a competition.


St. Marks Rhythm

I wanted to show rhythm in this image but was also torn between the position of the building and the awe of being there. Taken at height the rooftop diagonal line and the constant window openings gives a beat in the mind as you’re forced to follow it.

The mono presentation is only to remove any distracting colours that existed in the composition.