Burning Bulb Photography

I’ve been experimenting with light bulbs and photography. Drilling a hole into the glass of a light bulb allows the inert gas to escape thus the filament burns away when turned on. This effect lasts for only a moment (typically less than a second), so prior planning is important if you hope to capture anything at all.

There are some good sites for setting yourself up for this like this one but there are others if you’d like to search away.

(please remember these are incandecent lamps not these new energy saving type or florescent tubes)


Getting this site going…

…has been more difficult than just running WordPress on my own domain, I’ve found. There appears to be so much more (unneccessary) options and some things are placed differently. We struggle on though.

Well I finally made it. Once the options for all the complexities were removed then the base site is actually quite simple in the design.

Actually, the help at the given link is superb for helping you set up your own website. There’s even video tutorials available for viewing prior to making any changes to the site.