Tower Bridge



Brighton Beach Shoot






A lovely collection of images were made from photo shoot on Brighton beach with superb model Emma. The Sun presented very harsh lighting situations and the tide being out meant some restriction on poses needed to avoid or limit the seaweed in the compositions. I do have one or two others, but these were my favourites of the day.

London Walking

This weekend I had the chance to partake in a spontaneous photo field trip around London. Southbank is littered with street performers that on first encounter seem to present an ideal picture making opportunity, but if you just think a little longer you realise that they are just folk in costume in to make a buck. Great for the tourists but just in the way of a fantastic cityscape for the street photographer.

Mixed weather conditions of the day presented quite a dramatic skyline at times, so I thought I’d get one for the album. In the foreground the iconic structures of Houses of Parliament and the London Eye ferris wheel.


Down at The Pond

Whilst walking at one of my favourite scene locations, hidden by constructed steps and wooden walkway I find this gem. A heron, standing in a grand and majestic fashion free from passers with dogs and screaming children.

If you ever see these creatures in flight you’ll be in awe at their grace.

Fleet Pond