Shooting before the break

I managed to get a couple of shoots in before the festive break and all the proceedings associated with getting ready for it. Two concepts in my mind, was to create a series of shapes with light & shadow and the second, was to capture an inked model. I used really simple lighting sources, nothing expensive at all and I may well share what in a later posting. For now, here’s just the efforts of the sessions.

Above, an overhead light gives the right fall-off on the backdrop to bring vision focus on the figure.

Below, an inked model that has such a drawing stare that pulls you in. Fantastic model, more from this later I think.

More from Panavision

I thought I would share just one more image from Panavision Studio visit with you. This has come about because a shoot I had booked sort-of got cancelled. I ended up working an images that I particularly liked from the shoot today. I hope you like it too.