No shooting…

It has been weeks since I had a shoot, so alternatively I decided to work through images I had already taken, found whilst clearing up my hard drive as part of my end of year routine.

I worked with a lovely alternative model Aimee (Memee) who posed without direction and has such a slim body, well inked.

After processing, here is one of her images…now off to work out my next project, Urbex.


April Shoot 1504-11

Update: Just thought I’d add here another one of many favourites from the event. Most of the images being placed on my gallery at link.

Two great models were main subjects for this shooting event. The idea to capture some indoor dance movement,  indoor pinup and outdoor fashion images. 

More than anything it was a great time had by all for the event.

Brighton Beach Shoot






A lovely collection of images were made from photo shoot on Brighton beach with superb model Emma. The Sun presented very harsh lighting situations and the tide being out meant some restriction on poses needed to avoid or limit the seaweed in the compositions. I do have one or two others, but these were my favourites of the day.

May Photo Shoot

For the weekend of the 6th May, I went on a photo shoot, with a real life model. Okay, I’ve taken shots of people before but what a difference it makes when someone knows how to pose and all you have to do is select or tweak.

The shoot was organised by Len Deeley a photographer who specialises in underwater photography.


The model, well her name is Ella-Mae (no really), a sweet, petite girl who can a really act. One minute she’s cute and the girl next door, the next she’s…well, not! A real professional and it was great enjoyment. We also had Johnathan (?) as our instructor for the day (see piccy holding that lights) That said, what ever you wanted in therms of light fall, backdrop or whatever, he gave advice on how best to get it.



Above is Ella-Mae in a sixties outfit.