FB Webpage

Well after years of having but not using a Facebook account I recently decided to succumb. Not that I’m against having an online diary, I mean that’s what this site is all about! but… initially privacy and security where just not healthy enough for me at the time.

I think the features are great on FB, not to mention it also serves as a great portal to all sorts of information and contacts on many many subjects.

I was asked “would you keep WordPress going though” and I’m not too sure. They are still very different things (although the gap is closing). Put it this way, am I likely to see feature of FB on WP in the future, well I think yes. All these sites just provide a fancy GUI on top of a database no more than that. The rest is up to the community they attract.

Anyway, here’s the link, have a look and Oh! please hit the ‘Like’ as there’s some feature that kicks in after receiving a number of ‘likes’.